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Give Sunlight to your team for it to be spent on education. They can learn anything they’d like and you can follow their journey as they do it.
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Your team's learning budget.
Easily manage the learning and development budget of your company or its teams by assigning Sunlight that each member is allowed to spend every year or month. Top up or edit anytime you'd like.
Spent learning 
anywhere they'd like.
When people receive sunlight, they can spend it learning whatever they’d like, whether it’s on online courses, books or school tuition. Choose from over thousands of items in our curated marketplace or just ask for something else and we’ll get it for you. We’ll even help you find the perfect ones for you.
All beautifully tracked.
Once people spend their Sunlight, everything is logged and shared with the rest of the team allowing you keep tabs on how your employees learn about things and incentivizing others to join in.
Expenses & Invoices
See exactly how much each employee, team or department spends in real time. Get just one invoice for all expenses at end of month.
Skills Mastery
Track who's been learning what and which skills are being developed in real time.
Coming Soon
Time Saved
Understand how much time and money is saved by HR through offloading L&D work to Sunlight.
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Productivity & Engagement
Get an idea of your ROI in terms of employee productivity, engagement and retention.
With an amazing learning concierge.
Machines and humans unite! With our very own team of learning and development professional alongside Ace, our friendly chatbot, we can offer you personal suggestions and help  24/7.
Sure do! 😊 Are you just starting though or are you looking to get more advanced?
Awesome, thank you!
Hi James! I'm Ace 👾. Feel free to ask for recommendations or anything you'd like to learn.
Just Starting
I know all the basics
Looking for something advanced
Ok, so here's a couple places to start with. The best rated for Ember JS is Code School, but if you prefer books, this list has all the best ones.
I'm looking to learn some Ember JS this month. Any ideas?
Used by amazing companies
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