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About Sunlight

What is Sunlight?

Sunlight is a smart digital wallet and marketplace for employee learning. We make it easy for companies to implement engaging L&D programs that save time and leverage our user base's transactional data to build a tailored and unified access to all of the world's education.

Why the name?

Biologically, the existence of nearly all life on Earth is fueled by light from the Sun. As human beings however, it's the things we learn and the things we know that fuel our growth. Sunlight exists to materialize this form of energy. We believe education is the key to unlocking potential and exist to help companies, individuals and communities unlock theirs.

Using Sunlight

Is my Sunlight transferable?

No, we think Sunlight given to someone can be a personal investment in someone, so we don't allow people to transfer it over to someone else as it might be against what the sender wants.

Where can I spend Sunlight?

You can spend your Sunlight on anything that qualifies as educational. That includes physical items (such as books), digital items (such as online courses, ebooks or learning platform subscriptions), events (such as conferences), access to places (such as museums), and tuition for schools and universities. We'll try our best to get whatever you'd like, but few platforms don't allow purchases from third parties intended for someone else. In those cases we'll generate a virtual prepaid card you can use to access the resource.

Can I just store my Sunlight forever?

Sure, your Sunlight will always be in your account until you decide to use it. Sunlight sits in strong European banks and we don't reinvest any of it. In the unlikely event that something should happen to Sunlight, you will get 100% of your Sunlight back.

Can I use my sunlight in another country?

Sure, the limits to what educational resources you can buy with Sunlight are only limited by what you can buy from your location. So if you're usually in the United States but want a book sent to Brazil during your holidays, it's totally doable, just make sure you let us know of the new address when placing the order for physical items such as books.

Your Orders

How can I cancel an order?

Every order sent to concierge is sent back to you for approval. If you'd like to cancel the order just click on the order to view its details and click on the "Cancel order" button. You can only cancel an order before you approve it. Unfortunately after you approve an order we cannot cancel it any longer as it has already undergone processing.

Can I return an order?

We can only accept returns for physical items (such as books) that arrive damaged or when the received item is not the one that was originally ordered. In this case, please get in touch with us to process your return.

Where is my order?

You can view all your recent orders on the "Use your Sunlight" page accesible on the sidebar. Click on the your orders tab. If you'd like to know more details on the status of your order, simply click on one to view it's details. For anything that requires shipping we will usually attach a tracking number once it ships, for digital orders or tuition transfers, we will simply update you when they're done. If it's been awhile since the order was placed without any updates, feel free to get in touch with us.


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Do I get a referral commission if I get them to use it?

We value people who help us get Sunlight out into the world and are open to offering generous commissions for enterprise deals. If you know a company or organisation that would be interested in using Sunlight, please contact us through intercom (the blue circle in the lower right corner) or email us at

I've got this awesome idea we can work together on! Who do I talk to?

Email us at Can't wait to hear from you! :D
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